it’s a good thing she loves me.

Back in, oh, APRIL I traveled to Boston to visit with my best friend and her sweet family. While there I photographed her kidlets who have been in front of my camera every few months since they were both born. I came right home from that trip and posted a short little sneak peek of a few of their pictures and then promptly put them at the bottom of my ever-growing pile of sessions to proof and haven’t touched them since. But Monday I vowed to myself not to let this week slip away before finishing them for her. And they’re done! It’s a good thing too since we’ll be together again in just two weeks for our joint family vacation and I’m sure another round will be in order.


I’ll have those ready in time for Christmas. Mark my word!

So. What I have lacked in timeliness I will make up for with thoroughness. Note that the little man was not a fan of the grass. I’m in love with him anyway.





For the last 18 months+ Caroline has given what we like to call “dead eyes” to anyone pointing a camera in her direction. Her eyes kind of glaze over and she stares through you, not at you. As if you’re a Magic Eye poster. (remember those!?) Either that or she’s been hypnotized. It doesn’t matter though because I battled the Dead Eyes and I won!!!




This one adores his mama…




We shot these on the campus of Wellesley College and I LOVE the meadow we found there. I’d love to find something along these lines here in Huntsville. If you’re local and you have a spot like this in mind, please advise. I’ll love you forever!


Ahh…and this one’s a daddy’s girl…





Man I love this family. They’re so much a part of me that sometimes I forget where they stop and we begin.

Amy LOVE LOVE LOVE them (the photos and the family)! So stinkin’ excited to see you all in just 2 weeks! Woooohoooo!

(oh, and can I request a family shot just like the one of them lifting the kiddos in the air? :-) LOVE it!)

Ro sweet! love the one of him crying and laughing

Samantha I FINALLY found a computer in good old IL, and I’m so excited!!! I love them – thank you so much!!

Joey Oh Samantha, these are just beautiful! You all look amazing! Caroline has grown too! And you my friend, you look just beautiful!! xoxo Joey Erin, awesome work as always…Wow, you amaze me girl!

Jennifer Does Sarah have one of these shots of Caroline in her room? The colors in her outfit would even match with Sarah’s decor!

Debbie I don’t know how you continue to out-do yourself, but you do, and its an amazing thing to watch. These are breath-taking and it doesn’t matter if they had to wait a year, just to have these is such an awesome awesome gift. Okay, so blown away by them all, as usual, but if this were my family, the tenth one down would be blown up to some crazy huge size in canvas. I’m talking CRAZY HUGE. And seriously, that tree? How gorgeous is that. Okay, I’m completely jealous.

Tracy So…I have been lurking on your blog for probably a year and half or so and I just had to come out. OH MY GOSH!!! These are stunning! They must be so excited to have these beautiful pictures!

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