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If you read my personal blog you might know that I had a rather unfortunate run in with a stingray while on vacation last week in Isle of Palms, SC. As we headed to the ER the only think I could think about (besides the pain) was the session I had scheduled for that evening with a sweet family who was driving 2+ hours to meet up with me. Once we arrived at the hospital my first question to the doctor was, “how fast can you make this pain stop?” followed by “can I work tonight?”. I wasn’t happy with either of the his answers. Being barbed by a stingray isn’t fun and no one was really sure how long the pain would stick around.

But against the doctor’s advice, my husband’s pleading and the cries of my own throbbing leg I headed home from the ER, took a few pain pills and a long nap, and woke up refreshed and pain free for my 5:00 session. I’m calling it a vacation miracle. And I’m so glad things worked out the way they did because meeting this family was the perfect way to spend one of my first evenings at the beach.

After 20 years of marriage I think we can all agree it was time for this family to have their first family portrait ever taken. I’m sorry it took them so long to do it but thrilled that they chose me!

They’ve raised a pretty great kid and I was so excited to get some shots of him for his mama to hang on her wall before he moves to Texas after high school…


I wanted to get a shot of the boys in the family so I asked them to stage a “bro hug.” This is what I got…

Nice, huh? I think that definitely qualifies!

One of my favorite shots of the day though happened when I asked if there were any other shots they might want to have. This was Dad’s suggestion… Love. Love. Love.    

Something tells me they’ll be alright when that fine young man they raised moves to Texas. 😉

Melanie LOVE LOVE LOVE them! So excited to see all of them next week. Thank you SO much! They are beautiful and I love the one of Caden on the porch. I just told him yesterday that I just knew that I was going to love that one and I do!

Traci i recognize that family. beautiful shots.

Nancy Wyatt These are absolutely breathtaking! Mel did so right choosing you to photograph them! Great job!! Hugs from Conroe, TX!

Laura T. I recognize that family too …. the pictures turned out beautiful.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita GORGEOUS photographs of a GORGEOUS family! Love them!

Denise@ DensDailyLife AMAZING! Melanie you must be thrilled with them :-) Wow, I didn’t know Erin had gone through such a bad day before she took these, you could never tell! Great job.

Staci So beautiful. Amazing photography and gorgeous family!!

Millicent Spillars The preview of the photographs are awesome. I too love the one of Caden on the porch. Can’t wait to see all of them. Erin is fabulous.

susan these are beautiful! i love the one with their reflection and the one of mel and her hubby so sweet! susan

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