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This weekend on a perfectly gorgeous spring morning I met up with a sweet family for a double-dose of cuteness. First up, their six month old, who I swear was just a newborn last time I blinked.

That’s the only problem with kids, I tell ya…they grow up!

We attempted a sibling shot once again and I wasn’t really sure it was going to work out. The little one isn’t quite sitting up yet which can make it a bit tricky. Their mama asked if I thought I might have gotten one and I mumbled (unconvincingly), “um…maybe?”  Sometimes I open files when I get home and am literally shocked by what I find. I swear I wasn’t in the room when this happened…

But apparently I was!

I love these next two matching shots of the girls…

When we were finished inside we were all itching to get out and enjoy the sunshine and the warm spring breeze. We headed to what is quickly becoming my favorite spot in Huntsville for family photography. (And NO, I’m not telling you where it is!) 😉

We giggled…

and played…

and watched big sister dote on the baby…

I love this next shot in B/W.  

(And on another day can we discuss why *I* didn’t get those curls???)

Even their doggy was perfectly photogenic.

We ended with a shot they specifically requested…an Erin Cobb Photography favorite.  And I love, love, love it.

How’s that for an extra-large sneak peek?!

Kelly Love these! That is the most well behaved beagle I’ve ever seen. No leash and its nose isn’t permanently attached to the ground!

Lacey Seriously?!! This session is way-off-the-charts perfection. I’d so have to order an album or the digital collection and have them all!!! Wow. Just looked at them all again.

Amy Layne The deal with the dog is that she is older than dirt and my husband has a treat in his hand – so she looks up and stays close. We think all of these are awesome as well and probably will have to buy all of them!

Amy R Erin, wow! These are fabulous. I can’t believe that even the dog looks so cooperative and such a part of the photo. These are just TOO CUTE!

Uncle Wayne I truly adore the photos; especially the family stroll with Madison, or maybe Molly, oh heck, you know the one, with four legs.

Krista Lund love your work, esp, the “Erin Cobb Photography favorite” shot. i found you through Karen Russel. Have fun together!

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