Happy Birthday Mr. A! | Huntsville one year old portraits


Someone I know is having a birthday party today… 

And I hear the occasion has called for grandparents to be flown in from both sides of the country. Talk about being surrounded by the ones you love! It doesn’t seem possible that this sweet newborn boy has grown up into this big one year old boy…

But somehow it happened! His sweet mama and daddy wanted his portrait session to be a celebration of their first year together. And it certainly was. There were giggles, tears, and a whole lot of sweating…which pretty much sums up life in the first year with a child, right? A lot of fun, some fretting, and a boatload of hard work!

So celebrate we did. I love this little family and it’s been such an honor to watch their little man grow.

Yes sweet boy, I’m talking to you.

Happy Birthday!

(please eat a piece of cake for me)

Nadia I soooo love the one with his mama throwing him in the air! beautiful :)

Sandy OMG! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! And just in time for his party. I know you were so very busy and I most appreciate it.

Jackie It’s the second–or third—time I’ve looked at these, and they still bring tears to my eyes!!! I can’t even pick one to comment on. So, so sweet!

Jean Clevenger What beautiful pics! Bet Grandma Kathy & Pa Ray are so proud! Beautiful people and very talented photog!
Wish we could use her for Caroline pics!

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