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If you’ve followed my blog for very long then chances are this sweet face looks familiar…

That, my friends, is the fabulous Ally Barnett – lemonade stand entrepreneur, snack shop manager, nail technician, swim team superstar, and Leukemia SURVIVOR.

This is my third year photographing Ally and her family. In 2009 none of us knew she would be diagnosed with cancer days later. In 2010 she was fighting (mightily) for her life. And now, this year.

This is Ally’s year. Chemo ends this year, and normal life begins again. For all of them. Including Ally’s little brother who has had a couple of visits from the Tooth Fairy lately…

And their little sister who wasn’t yet two when her sister was diagnosed. And is now a boisterous, giggly little four year old…

But perhaps none are more excited about what 2011 holds than Ally’s parents who have heard the words no parents should have to hear. And yet, they’ve made it.

They’ve all made it.

And for that, and for her…

I’m so thankful.

Happy 2011 Barnett Family.

Janel Barnett Ah thanks Erin. I love them. Your words bring tears to my eyes. Again. And when I look back…well I never really knew how bad she looked but these pictures speak 1000 words.

Melissa That last picture is so Ally! Amazing the changes that have occurred in 2 years.

Lacey R Amidst all the tragedy of tornado devastation lately, it is so uplifting to read of Ally’s good news and to see her & her family standing strong! Go Ally! Beautiful images, Erin!

Lara Weber I believe that everyone has a special gift, no matter how big or small, ERIN you capture such beautiful moments that bring our such emotion! These pictures are amazing feeling, you’d never know that this brave beautiful young girl endures such painful procedures, you’d never know those parents have been through such pain! The mother of this little girl is truly amazing and is probably the strongest woman i know… thanks for sharing!!!

Sarah What awesome, awesome news for Ally and Ally’s family!
Beautiful pictures as always, Erin!

Kelly Ryan I followed Ally’s mother’s blog for some time after you posted about this family years ago. I have to admit, after a while, I could read on no longer. It was too heartbreaking for me to imagine what they were going through. It makes me SOOO happy to read this update. God is good, all the time. So so happy :)

PattyL I am a big fan of your photography, but I have to say that the top photo is one of the most beautiful portraits you have done. Ally just shines. Beautiful.

Tina R I’m so glad to see Ally & her family looking so great! I check in on their blog occasionally, and always pray for good news for them. Beautiful!!

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