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Edited Monday evening – All pass winners have been notified via email. Hope to see y’all there!

Oh my gosh, I’m so excited…I just found out that I have a few passes for the Blographer event to share. I want to take you with me!

First, ask yourself these two questions…

Can you get your bootie to New York this coming Thursday?

Do you want to learn more about blogging and photography from a few of the most interesting women in both fields? (Lotus Carroll, Vivienne Gucwa, Amanda Bottoms, Amanda Padgett, Rachel Devine and, aw shucks, ME!)

If the answer to both of those questions is a resounding YES! then drop me a comment and I’ll get in touch by Monday evening if you’ll be coming along for the ride. Let’s do this! =)

Ellie A. SUPER SQUEEEALLL!!! I would LOOOOOVEE to go! I’m in NY & was super sad because I wasn’t able to go since our budget pinching this coming school yr. is gonna be extra tight but so worth it. So this would so make me super squeal more then words could say. Crossing my fingers! :)

Amy N. I just started blogging and would like to incorporate my love for photography into it more. This just might be my opportunity if this is the right venue for a beginner! Thanks for sharing this with all of us!

Amy Wright Sounds like the opportunity of a lifetime! I am from Montgomery, AL and just started doing photography a few months ago? Would this be to advanced for me? OH how I would love to learn so much!!!!!!

Deb Live in MA and would LOVE to come to see you and all the other fabulous photographers. Pick me!!!

Stacey B Yeah!! Ok worked it out!! leave RI at 5am…catch the regional out of new haven and BAM I am there.

I guess I have a question…not really a blogger…thinking about it so would this still be good for me.

(found out about this from Karen’s site…and I am a former student of Wendy’s too!)

Sue C LIve on Long Island and would love to come in. I am soaking up every bit of new photography knowledge I can.

Beria Charles Hi Erin! How did I miss you all this time? Oh my! Was looking at the event page at Adorama and came across a link to your webiste. It was a blessing! Your work is inspiring and as also a fellow photog and blogger, I’d love to meet you in person. I’m from Boston but “Megabus” is handy when having to go to NY for a fun day! It would be awesome learning from you and the other talent bloggers! If you still have a pass to share, keep me in mind. Thank you!!! Ohhhh and please feel free to visit my blog too :.)

DITA Yes, Yes, Yes, and quadruple YES! I live in Northern NJ just 18 miles from Manhattan and would LOVE to come in and see you ladies!

Whooo Hooooooooo….I’ve been drooling that you guys would be right in my backyard for weeks already and today I see THIS!

with a smile on my face,

Andrea Lynn Yes, indeed! Would love the chance to go to the conference. Hanging out with you would even be a bigger plus!

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