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Before my daughter’s first swim meet last Wednesday I had one very important job to do. Namely, photograph this unbelievably photogenic family…

Mom and I spoke the day before the session, at which point she hadn’t chosen outfits. She claimed to be “bad at this type of thing” and asked for guidance. When they showed up all I could think was how I wished my “bad” could be that GREAT! I loved the colors she chose and the way she let their spunky little girl tie all the colors together. Beautiful!

  Her big brothers were such sweet caretakers for her. They didn’t hesitate to do every little thing I asked. I threatened to hire them as assistants for my next photo sessions…they were that good!

If they’re anything like that when it comes time for their little sister to (gasp!) date, I think their parents will have it made.

 And until then, if you ask me their parents already have it made. Good kids, sweet smiles and helpful to boot…it just doesn’t get much better than that!    

Rhonda Wow! Amazing. Talk about keeping up with the Joneses!
Beautiful family inside and out.

Julie I love these pictures!

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