go big or go home.

That’s what I tell all of my clients at their ordering consultations.


Each consultation and every order is tailored to fit your home, your life, and your style. Every order is unique.

Having said that, nothing gets my blood pumping like seeing my work printed BIG. So many of us have been trained by big box one-stop photography places to view an 8×10 as an "enlargement" when in reality it’s nothing of the sort. (no offense, 8×10) That size might be pretty on your desk or as part of a grouping over your sofa but it’s certainly not going to fill that empty space above your fireplace, in your dining room, or above your bed. Only BIG can do that.

And this, my friends, is BIG. 


(After my stinkerbug refused to budge from the photo I figured she’d serve to show scale. If you still need more frame of reference, that’s a 16×20 canvas hanging above her.)

Remember those sweet sisters? Well their mama has impeccable taste and helped me design this 40×40 canvas beauty for their home. It was originally for their playroom but after seeing it she says it must go in her kitchen dining area…where she can see it everyday.

Can you blame her?

It’s never too late to order one of your own…get in touch to see if your archived files are still available!

sharon j. I totally have to second Erin’s opinion on this one. I was a client a few months ago and took her advice about going big – and she was absolutely right… the $500+ worth of canvases are on the wall already, where my husband and I – along with other folks – can really enjoy it – and the multitude of smaller photos are still in the drawer, awaiting frames (along with the smaller pictures from previous photo sessions of my children throughout the years). Bottom line, once you get past the sticker shock of the large canvas purchase, you’ll hopefully find it was the best investment of your session!

p.s. – This advertisement was NOT paid for by Erin Cobb.

erin …but your check’s in the mail…



Jennifer HOLY CRAP THAT’S A BIG PICTURE!! But very cool!!!! Too bad my family members weren’t more willing participants….

Jaime I love this canvas! There is something about a canvas that just melts my heart. Simply Stunning! Oh, how I wish we lived close to you for a photoshoot!

Bianca That is fabulous! Absolutely stunning! And I agree…big and canvas…always a winning combination.

Lyndsay Gorgeous! I’m about to order a 40×40 for our dining room and CANNOT WAIT to get it! I love it too when my clients go big :)

Laura E That’s a huge picture! But I bet no one can guess how many comments she’s going to get or how many smiles she’ll have from looking at it every day.

Amy OMG! That is fabulous. . . I am in love with how that came out. Great job, girl!

jeramy wow! that’s huge…that’s the best kind of advertising…..love it!

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