giggles and grins.

Six months is such a fun age to photograph. It’s always been one of my favorites and everytime I get to photograph a little six month old doll I am reminded of why: they smile, they laugh, and they don’t move. So fun.

This little guy was such a trooper during our chilly session last weekend. The temperature read 52 degrees but the wet Alabama air felt much colder (I know all of you up North are totally rolling your eyes right now!).


His mama and daddy said he wasn’t a super-stable sitter yet but he was showing off some mad skills for us for these shots. He stayed steady forever and used his little, flailing arms for balance. It was adorable!



At the end when the chilly air started to get to him and the smiles began to fade all he had to do was look up at his daddy to get happy again. Does this face say, "I love you", or what?


On Monday you’ll see his sweet big sister…be prepared…she’s just as gorgeous as he is adorable!

Drea Love the blue/orange combination. 2 cute! the lil girl below this post is adorable as well. All kids are so cute!

Lacey I’ll take him! :- )
What a doll! Beautiful photos!

Melissa I LOVE that first picture! Fall leaves make for such beautiful portraits (not to mention he’s a beautiful baby, as well).

Amy Pensyl Yes – the color combo here is amazing! Beautiful baby!

phentermine made by watson Beautiful site!

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