ghost of lives past.

I often refer to my career as a kindergarten teacher as my “previous life”. It feels so separate from what I do now largely because I no longer live in the two states where I taught – Ohio and Colorado. Add in a couple of kids of my own with now being a business owner (who woulda thought?) and it really does feel like an entirely different life.

But for the first time since starting this business my two worlds collided this week. I had the chance to photograph a student from my very first class. At the time she was 5. I was 21. I’m pretty sure we were both terrified.

And now, she’s 13 and taller than me.

How/when/why did that happen?! I wasn’t prepared for that. I was prepared for the same little girl I knew 8 years ago with the shy, sweet smile and the fabulous hair. What I found was that girl + 3 feet!

To see what a smart, savvy, sporty young lady she’s turned into really warmed my heart. And of course, I take full credit. I mean, it doesn’t matter that she says she doesn’t remember her kindergarten year (sob!), right? She totally turned out so well because of her extremely positive first school experience.

End of story.

 She brought along her two younger siblings who were just babies (double sob!) last I saw them. They’re twins. And as I recall, in that class of 21 kindergartners there were 5 sets of sibling twins. What are the odds of that?

This one seriously loves the camera. As her older sister said, “it’s kind of her thing.” Love that!

(the camera loves her too)

And her brother? Well he claimed to hate the whole thing. But I think this face tells a different story, don’t you? 

I’ve gotta finish with this last one. They loved doing this. I mean seriously, seriously loved it. They’re in the fourth and eighth grades so of course they’re super into snuggling each other.


So maybe that was a bit of a stretch. But they were great sports and I loved every bit of my time torturing photographing them!

carol Erin I LOVE these – you captured them (along with their true personalities) exactly the way they are – the shot of you and Sara I will treasure – and I am sure that I have one from kindergarten.

Janis Dodson This is from their aunt in Colorado. Such great photos and storytelling! It’s a shame you aren’t local anymore…I’d hire you to photograph my kids, too. Same age differences…19 y.o. and 15 y.o. twins. Good luck with your new career!

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