friday afternoon in the fall | huntsville children’s photographer

Friday afternoons are perfect. Friday afternoons in the Fall are the cherry on top of the perfection sundae. It just doesn’t get better.

Well, unless you’re hanging out with the likes of these kiddos on a Friday afternoon in the Fall like I was last week.  Then it would be better. Beyond perfection is exactly what your afternoon would be.

Because I always like to start with the middle child, check out these baby blues…

(stunning, right?)

The littlest guy in this family is fast. Like, really, really, really fast. It must be an evolutionary feature youngest siblings acquire in order to keep up with their older siblings. I’m pretty sure he could have out-run, out-played and out-smarted all of us!

And this one. Oh, what a sweet soul. She’s at such a precious age – the bridge between child and teen, a foot on each shore.

I was told that they all three have a thing for sock monkeys so, of course, we had to go with it… 

And then,

it was a wrap!

Lisa Cl Love these, Erin! What gorgeous photos, and what beautiful children! The sock monkeys crack me up…what a wonderful way to preserve something very special to this family!

chesley love these! and now i’ve decided my little guy needs a corduroy to find one :)!!

Makaila I’m not wohrty to be in the same forum. ROTFL

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