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Standing disclaimer for the next two weeks: I’m still in Dayton and editing on my laptop so forgive me if the colors seem wonky on these next few sneak peeks. I’ll be sure to fix any issues once I get back home to my callibrated monitor but I didn’t want to get behind on my sneak peeks!

One of the things that I’m loving about my Dayton sessions is being able to photograph these fantastic families in locations that are fresh to me. I have so many standby spots in H’ville that I LOVE but nothing gets my creative mojo going like being somewhere new. In that spirit, it was such a joy for me to spend the evening with this awesome family on Thursday. They invited me over to the home of the children’s grandfather which sits nestled on 50 acres of land complete with a playground, creek, pond, fields, forests, and pretty much anything else you can imagine. The land was breathtakingly gorgeous and it was obvious how comfortable and at home the children felt there as we tooled around the grounds in the golf cart. Little kid heaven, I tell you!

They brought such a laid back attitude about their session which I loved and appreciated. It’s so fun to capture a family just being themselves and this one totally let me do that…


I’m pretty sure the tickling was the favorite part. And I *adore* all of the expressions in this shot. Such joy.


When I was growing up we had a tradition called “family sandwich” that involved all members of my family piling on top of one another whenever anyone shouted out the words. That’s all I can think about when I see this…


I love me a good family sandwich!

I was able to steal each of the kiddos away for some shots on their own which is always one of my favorite things. I love getting to know the children I work with…and I love to be goofy with them when no one is watching. Okay, I pretend no one is watching so that I don’t feel like such a dork. Seriously, I have no shame when it comes to making kiddos smile and giggle. It’s embarassing.

But faces like this keep me from missing my pride.


(He’s the middle child. I always like to post them first on my blog. Don’t ask me why, I just do!)

Here’s big sister, growing up and heading to second grade in the fall!


And little sister who I was warned might be a little shy. But on the contrary – she was a shining star!


Thank you all so much for inviting me over and letting me tag along for the afternoon…


Have a great time on vacation! I’ll be working on you entire gallery while you’re away. =)

Janel and Jerad Thank you so much for doing a fantastic job! We love love love them. I can’t wait to see the rest. You were so good with Carly!

Karen I reside in Dayton also and know Janel and her family. You have captured them beautifully. I have admired your work in the past and I find this set breathtaking. Great work. Congrats Janel and Jared for having this done.

nicki aw Erin, so sweet. I honestly teared up when I saw these.
You do such beautiful work. :-)

Ro LOVE that first shot on the swing :)

Kimberly These are so fun!!!! And we have “Family Hug” in our house!

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