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I don’t think I could have asked for a more fun last session in Dayton. It was Thursday evening and we were headed back home on Friday. I had five sessions, 7 minisessions, a session for a friend, and an evening of event photography under my belt and I was feeling good about topping it all off with one last fabulous family. Even with the dicey weather the first week I was in town, none of my sessions had to be rescheduled. I was feeling fine! But when it came time to head out into the country to tackle the very last session the rain started. And it rained. And rained. And rained. As we drove our little family car down the straight-as-an-arrow country road the water poured down all around us. Water completely covered the road in some spots and I just kept praying our car wouldn’t start floating!

The Cobbs arrived all in one piece and I dashed in between rain drops to meet up with the family – leaving Mr. Mom and the two kidlets in the car to watch movies and crawl back and forth over the seats. And wouldn’t you know, as soon as I set foot inside this family’s beautiful old farmhouse, the rain slowed. As we chatted the drops became fewer and farther between. And by the time I grabbed my camera to head outside we had sunshine and fluffy clouds (albeit with very soggy ground!). 

 Right away I gathered everyone up and started shooting, not knowing how much time we would have. They were amazing sports about the whole thing and definitely entertained me more than I entertained them! I felt like I should be having my picture taken!    

I wish I could properly relay what a fun-loving, warm family this is. I immediately felt so welcomed and appreciated by each of them! Mom has followed my blog(s) for some time and actually introduced herself at a party we were both at the previous Saturday. “I’m your Thursday session!” she said, with the biggest smile on her face. “I had to resist the urge to snoop through your camera bag while you were in the bathroom!” And I knew right then and there that I loved her!

When I called to go over last minute details about her session she told me what great kids she had. Now when I was a kindergarten teacher I always had to look out for the kids whose parents told me ahead of time how “great” they were. It was a dead giveaway for the troublemakers. But on Thursday evening I confessed my doubts and begged for forgiveness after I met this brood because these were some seriously GREAT KIDS. They laughed at all my ridiculous shennanigans and humored my dorkiness. I really loved hanging out with them. I hereby promise to always believe mothers who tell me they have great kids.

 She also told me that her tween boys had no problems snuggling with her and she asked if I’d try to capture it. Again, I was a doubter. Now, not only am I a believer but I want lessons! I need to know how to make sure my two year old still wants to snuggle his mama in ten years!

Yep, I’m a definite fan of this family. If they had a page on Facebook, I would totally “like” them.

(Wait, what’s that you say? Erin Cobb Photography has a page on Facebook? Go ahead…I’ll wait for you while you find it and “like” it…hee hee…)

And speaking of liking, my four year old just told me she thinks this picture is cool. I had to add it to their sneak peek because, well…I have no idea why I had to add it to their sneak peek. In fact, I don’t even really know why I took it. But the males in the family insisted it was a shot they needed and I just do as I’m told. (by the way, boys are weird – totally kidding! sort of.)  

I have to round it out with this one. My friend in the middle is priceless.

But then again, they all are. I totally love this family.

nicki Love them and totally love that Grandma and Grandpa are included! Karen does have a Photoblog…did she tell you that? :)

Karen Erin, I don’t know what to say. This sneak peek is outstanding. The last picture is so totally my kids, no doubt about that. I love that Sara liked the weird shot of the boys – Tell her to never try to figure it out, is just is.
You were so wonderful, kind, funny and patient. You are the liveliest person I think I have ever met. And I hope to meet you again. Thank you ever so much, words can not express how much I think of you and your talent.

Grandma Bonnie Erin – Grandpa and I thoroughly enjoyed your visit – maybe next time you come, you’ll let your family out of the car!! LOL. There is lots of space to run and play you know.
The sneak peek of the photos is terrific – what a tremendous talent you have! We were so lucky to be able to “shoot” between the drops and your wonderful ability to find ways to take shots even though it was pouring rain at times is great. Thank you again for capturing the love and laughter we enjoy in this family.

Janel Love them all. They are an amazing family….I love the last picture and the one where we can see the kids reflection in their pond. Awesome job Erin.

Tina They look like a fun family! Love the one of the kids on the dock (+ all the others!)

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