That just about sums up my experience with this little one yesterday. She’s six months old and so full of sweetness and light that if I didn’t have my own delightful little one at home I don’t think I would have left! She was enamored with the camera. And her mama. And her sister…and daddy…and the wind…and her rattle…and, and, and! She was just a joy to be around.

I knew the minute I heard the shutter click that I was going to love this shot. And I totally do. To me it just sums up what being an almost-mobile baby is all about. Inching and grabbing and rolling your way all around the cool, clean covers of big sister’s bed. What could be better than that?


Speaking of big sister, we started with just a few shots of the two of them together. I love how she’s holding her baby sister’s hand with such care. And did you catch those gorgeous lashes? wow.


The last year+ of living down South has changed me in many ways. Most notably in my growing affection for sweet baby girls in smocked dresses. I know this may come as a surprise to my yankee friends. =) But how can you not love this…?


And finally, some chubby backyard deliciousness…in big sister’s doll bed!


Told you she was delightful!

Heather Man o man… I am going to be so excited when one day you say.. “I am now accepting students to mentor”. I think I will simply scream. And my husband will sigh with relief and say “Finally!” because he will no longer have to hear me say – ALL THE TIME – that I wish I could pick Erin’s brain and have her teach me to be so spot on EVERY TIME!

Just sayin’.

Love your pictures. Love your skill and talent.


jeramy erin…these are great. i’m really starting to see a unique quality in your work. very cool….what great memories for the parents. great job!

cindy Love the sisters shot- so precious!

Elsa Oh my! She certainly is delightful! I love her clean, fluffy baby hair. What a little doll.

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