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I was reminded last weekend what a difference two years makes…

On the left is my daughter at two. On the right she’s now four. As much as I hate to admit it I can see the slimming of the face, the thicker hair and the more aware expression that are all signs of growing up. My heart wants to say it’s the same girl and they look just alike but my head knows she’s changed. And ever-changing.  

I am asked frequently how often families should bring their children for updated photo sessions. My recommendation usually goes like this: newborn, sitting, crawling, walking, two years old and then yearly until five. After five years old holiday minisessions are the perfect time to get that updated yearly image of your family. I also find that many families appreciate an updated photo session of their child at ten years old — just before middle school when those last traces of “child” are still apparent. Of course every family is different and the particular needs and investment will vary but if you’re interested in documenting how your child’s personality changes over time that timeline is a great starting point.

Because from one parent to another, I know how quickly the time goes.

Even if I’m afraid to admit it.

Janel She is adorable. Precious. Love it.

Jennifer Two-year old Sarah looks like a little doll! Like it or not, you can definitely tell she’s a little girl now.

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