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I realize things have been kind of slow around this blog lately and I appreciate those of you who have been checking in on me to see how things are going. I’ve had some exciting little projects going on (both personally and professionally) so blogging has taken a little bit of a backseat of late. I’m hoping to get back in the saddle in the next week or so though and I hope you’ll check back for some more regular posting. And then you can count on May to be a postapalozza around here. I usually only schedule 4-5 sessions per month to keep my home life/work life in balance since I have two young children at home. For a variety of reason (including a travel work/play trip to Dayton, OH) I have 12 sessions schedule for May. (YES! 12! shhh…don’t tell my husband!) So take my word for it, there will be lots to share in the coming weeks and months! And if you’ve been thinking about booking a summer session, now is definitely the time to get on the books. At this point I have started a waiting list for June, have some availability in July and am pretty open in August. I look forward to hearing from you!

Now, to keep things a little fresh and fun around here, check out my new favorite spot in the house!


Yesterday the man in brown delivered a huge collection o’ canvases that makes my heart go pitter patter everytime I walk by. I’m seriously in love. This gallery has four 9×9’s, a 20×30, and a 20×20…all above my couch! I know it can be hard for clients to visualize exactly how a large canvas or print will fit into their rooms but I hope this will show that with a little creativity your portrait art can make a real impact in your overall home design

My favorite part of my new wall is the way you can see the display through my front window. It’s amazing in the evening! Do you think my neighbors will think I’m weird if I prop myself in a lounge chair facing my house every evening? (scratch that, my neighbors already think I’m weird!)


For my display I chose the gallery wrap canvases which stand out two inches from the wall. I wrapped them all with a solid color khaki border. Delicious!


Previously my largest piece of art in that room was my 16×20 canvas…


she’s definitely still a keeper but she shares my love now with these babies…


Thanks for sharing my excitement! And because I want you guys to feel the love like I do here’s your chance to get in on some canvas goodness of your own:

All previous and future clients are eligible to win one of these little 9×9’s featuring an image from your session, of course! Just leave a comment here between now and then next time I blog (and who knows when that will be!) and I’ll enter your name into a random drawing. Here’s your chance to be rewarded for your blog loving loyalty!





(please, ONE COMMENT per client)

Lauren Yay, I am first!

Jennifer I would love to win a 9×9 of Charlotte! I can’t wait for her to get here and for you to take her newborn portraits!!

Tina R Not a client, but just wanted to say I love the display!! I’m wanting to do a large display over our couch with at least one large canvas, but have yet to hang anything on our new walls (and we’ve been here over 6 months!) Thanks for the inspiration!!

nicki since I am an official future client :-) I would be thrilled with one of these!

Nicole Not a client, but I have been a faithful blog stalker! I thought it was finally time to say hello. I love, love, love the display. Thanks for all the inspiration you have given over the years.

Mandy LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the canvas!

Rebecca I would love to win! The pictures over the couch look so cute!!

Amy I LOVE IT! Those look awesome, girl. . . you have such great vision! I can completely understand the excitement in your voice when you were telling me about them!

Amy Layne As usual… the pics are awesome. I pulled up the blog tonight and Shelby said that’s Sarah! I then showed her your galleries on your website. She exclaimed “That’s Shelby!”

MLD I am about to get on my bike just to ride past your house and see these from the road! I know this is going to look dreamy – we have that long empty wall facing out to the road and i can’t wait until the day we have lots of cuties to display on it!!!

megan C OHHH!!! i most definately check your blog everyday!! although i think it has something to do with missing my huntsville people to much!!! that looks gorgeous in your living room, haha i miss your living room, and sarah playing ballerina with me in there while e watches us like we’re nuts! hopefully i’ll see you soon!

Jana Beautiful!!

Holly Love all of them! Your children are so adorable!

heather in ohio What beauties! I love canvases and as a future client, here’s my entry! Pick me! See you in May as one of those 12 sessions! Wow! Thanks!

Natalie Your canvases are awesome! :) Here’s my entry. :)

Bianca Oh wow – they do look lovely!!

Allison Love the display and am seriously considering doing something similar in my house. I actually have 4 20×20 canvases arranged in a square above the love seat and was thinking of doing another session with the same feel but with different size canvases to add to that arrangement and maybe move to over the sofa. Any suggestions on what sizes I can add? And how to arrange them?

One final thought….



Ann Marie Love the canvas! Your work is amazing!!!

Jennie I love your canvases and the middle picture of your son is so sweet! I working on a fireplace display collection!

Daphne The wall looks GREAT!!

Susie Is it weird that I feel like I want to pet them?

LizN Thanks for your advice on summer photos. ‘Wish you could come visit and shoot them yourself =heart= Liz

Megan I love that display. I had to laugh at Susie’s comment. Too funny!

deb R i hope to be a future client some day! i’m a friend of Daphne. You are so talented. I am aspiring to be a better photographer, using my 3 year old daughter as my main subject…I am amazed every time i see your photos.

Jenni Ball Erin- I love it!!! I wish I had your vision!

Stefanie B. BEAUTIFUL! (Pick me, pick me!!! :)

Kelly R Count me in! Love those canvases, such a unique way to showcase your family…

Daisy Well, I’m not a client, but maybe I could be in the future client category… I just wanted to say that I saw your video on Eric’s blog, and I thought it was GREAT!!!!

sharon Have enjoyed our canvases so much – would love the opportunity to win another! Thanks for giving everyone the chance!

Sharon S. I adore your wall display! I actually need to do this in my home! It’s just with all the kids I have It might be overwhelming! I may have to spread it our over two walls!
Was our shoot too long ago? If not, I would love to be entered in the drawing! I’d LOVE the one of me and Jeramy rubbing noses!
And we are still waiting for you to come to NorCal! We desperately need new family photos!
I look forward to seeing the new stuff from the upcoming sessions!

Karen I would love to get one of Audrey when you do her session in may!

Heather Would love to win! We have canvases of paintings that my Dad painted in the house, but nothing has ever been made under this sun that is as precious as my Sophie, and you capture that beauty to a T.

Amanda Pick us! We’d love to have a canvas of one of your beautiful pictures!

Kelly Absolutely beautiful! I’d love to have one from Reese’s upcoming session!

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Shannon LOVE your canvas wall art!! I have just started out in photography last September so I havent branched into selling prints to clients, but seeing this encourages me!! Would you mind emailing me where you get your prints done? I am from Ontario but would love to hear from you! Thanks so much

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