bring on the cuteness | huntsville baby portraits

When this sweet new family of three called to schedule their session last month I suggested that our new Cottage location might be ready in time to photograph their six week old. And while it’s definitely not “ready” in the standard sense, we were able to push aside a bit of sawdust on the inside and dirt on the outside (landscaping started Monday!) to make use of the gorgeous front window light. So I present to you, our first official Cottage session…

This little man was the perfect subject to christen the Cottage. Not only is he adorably chunky, but he shares the same first name with the newborn I first photographed in this house. You may remember that clients of mine lived here before we bought it and I first became interested in the house at their newborn session a year and a half ago.  Well halfway through this session when I made the connection between the names of the two little boys I just couldn’t stop smiling. It felt so fitting and full circle.

Then again, I could have just been smiling at how darn delicious this child is…

He set the bar pretty high for all the Cottage visitors to come.

So consider that a challenge. Bring on the cuteness, people. =)

Elizabeth J That is perfect, I can’t imagine a more perfect subject and having the same makes me smile too : ) Excited about this new chapter for you and I have a feeling the cottage is going to be a perfect fit for you!

Rachel So cute. These pictures are great. You guys make such a perfect family.

Monique Beautiful! Well done!

Kim Oh, Erin! I love them! They look soooo good, I can’t wait to see them all.

Mima Lynnie My grandson is the 4th generation handsome dude, what a good looking baby he is just like his papa.

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