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It seems I’ve had occasion to do lots of flashback posts lately and today is no exception. So before you ooh and ahh over this fantastic (almost) three year old, check him out last year when he was an (almost) two year old here.

Just like last year, these eyes just suck me in…

He truly is one of the most beautiful children I know. And so so smart! Last year he wasn’t quite sure of me and my camera…this year he talked my ear off!  

We had a blast traipsing around on the mountain. (Sidenote: as a former resident of Colorado with a backyard view of Pike’s Peak, calling Monte Sano “the mountain” is a bit hard to swallow). I had to compete for his attention with the bugs and the birds and sticks and the rocks but we worked it out! I love when families bring their dogs to their sessions. I’ll never claim to be a pet photographer and I always give my standard disclaimer that I won’t  guarantee a good shot with the dog but somehow it just always seems to happen. I’ll add this one to my list of Huntsville family + pet portraits that I love…  

Oh my gosh, and this shot just gets me…

His parents are so amazing  (I’m lucky enough to call them personal friends), and photogenic to boot!

And a little Lion King action just to end the day on a mega-happy, feel-good note…

 Slowly but surely getting caught up on the editing/sneak peeks! Dayton minisession peeps: your CDs are hitting the outgoing mail TOMORROW! =)

Ruchi Singhal Thank you Erin for capturing the personality of our son so beautifully. These are great, I love the family one with Charlotte. Can’t wait to see them all.

Melissa Woohoo! Can’t wait for the mail to come! :) Beautiful pictures as always, Erin. The family shot with the dog is great!

Ashley – Sawyer’s Mom I wanted to merely point out the beautiful contrast of Mommy’s fluid, dancer-like arms and Daddy’s perfectly straight arms. Interestingly, this contrast is echoed in the soft waves of the mountains in the background versus the perfectly straight-as-a-arrow stone wall in the foreground. And then we look at Mom’s arful patterend shirt versus Daddy’s strategic plaid shirt.

How extradinarily Yin and Yang!

Yup – I’m a fan.

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