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I wish I could tell you how many HOURS I have spent wrestling with this dicey hotel wireless trying to get this sneak peek posted. But doing so would only dredge up all the nasty feelings I have about the issue and I fear it would mar my feelings about the post in general. And I can’t stand to do that because I LOVE this family.

So. Moving on.

This is the second year I’ve had the privilege of meeting up with this family in Dayton. They had to make a bit of a drive to make it to our session and so did we! This was my first time taking on a session after 8 hours of roadtripping with preschoolers in tow. But it was worth it. Definitely, definitely worth it.

My little friend looks so much like she did last year (she was my fabulous puddle-jumping girl) but WOW has her little personality gone into overdrive! During the course of our session she asked me if I had a baby in my tummy (her mama does so I’m claiming that’s why she asked), how I got that big boo boo on my forehead (for the record, I was being dumb with a curling iron…and it definitely warranted the question), and if she could live with me. I’m pretty sure that last question had much less to do with me than it did my four year old daughter who was an insta-pal.

But if her parents decide in the next few months that two kiddos are too much to handle, she can definitely live with me. Something tells me that won’t be the case…

They’re pretty fond of her. And the feeling’s pretty mutual…

Right before we wrapped up the afternoon her mom mentioned how much she loved the dandelion shot I posted of my daughter a few weeks ago. And then I went all blah-blah-blah on her about how shots can’t usually be recreated because they’re more than just images, they’re moments, and then as she was nodding her head she was also plucking the perfect one and then…well, then we got this…

And all I can say is I’m glad she asked!

Thank you guys SO much for making the drive and for spending the afternoon with me (sweaty, road-trippy, disheveled me!). It was an absolute pleasure, as I knew it would be. And thanks for the goodies!

(Just a quick note, if you came by looking for the Mama With a Camera Monday series yesterday my apologies. It will be on hiatus for two weeks until I return to Alabama. But I promise it will be back!)

Heather Erin,
I am nearly speechless! So I will just say thank you — thank you for the perfect images from the perfect afternoon! It was so nice to see you again this year, and I am so happy the weather held out for us… And I’m overjoyed that you fit us into your busy Dayton schedule … the images you captured of our growing family are priceless! THANK YOU!

Heather Erin – I am nearly speechless over these amazing images so I will just say THANK YOU! Thank you for the perfect images from the perfect afternoon with the perfect photographer! :) It was wonderful to see you again this year, and we so appreciate you fitting us into your busy Dayton schedule to capture our growing family! THANK YOU!!!

Cheryl Those are just amazing. I love love love the family shot, could there be a more perfect place? This little girl is just adorable :o)

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