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One of these twins is not like the other.

Are you noticing a theme?

My newest little friends were born with two minutes and one pound between them. The older, larger brother (6 lb, 15 oz.) was content to snooze most of our session away while little brother (5 lb, 7 oz.) was anxious to not miss a minute As the baby of my family, I can totally relate! But with the help of my sweet friend Anne who came along as the official baby snuggler we were able to finally lull him into dreamland. When we discovered how much he loved snuggling up against his big brother that was all she wrote!

I don’t know what it is with all of these beautiful mamas of newborns I’ve been photographing lately but I feel the need to say that this sort of fabulousness was not on the menu when I gave birth, two and four years ago. And twins no less!

And one last shot before I sneak off to go cuddle my own (big) babies. These snuggly little fellas just put me in the mood.

 Happy birthday baby boys!

Lori oh my goodness – absolutely adorable and those expressions are precious!

Janie Oh my gosh – How cute! The third picture made me crack up!

Aunt Gina My nephews are THE cutest!!! Great photos!

Nicki Oh my goodness! How adorable are these two?!? I laughed out loud at the photo in the blue blankets. The little one is looking at his brother like, “Why are you sleeping through all of this excitement?” What great memories for this family!

Amber Awww… they are precious! I wish I lived closer to you. I would have loved to have such sweet pictures of my twins when they were tiny babies. Twins are truly a blessing!

Amber Awww… they are precious! I wish I lived closer to you. I would love to have such adorable pictures of my twins when they were tiny babies. Twins are truly a blessing!

maureen OMG, Kate you are gorgeous and these babies are too cute! Life will be fun now!

Milky Crowe Great pictures!!! Loved them all, but the heart one is my favorite. Kate, you look fabulous yourself.

Sandi Kate, those two little boys are adorable and so perfect. Congratulations to you and Mazen. You two are very lucky parents as are your three children. And, I agree with Milky, you look fantastic!

Erin H The blue and green blanket photo- I could not love it more. The other day I was looking at the 6-month photos you took of Caitlin 4 years ago and thinking how much I still love those. Your talent was obvious then but now it’s just an explosion of amazing-ness!

paula Your babies are so precious, what wonderful pictures
Kate you look great, can’t wait to meet the twins

The Grizer’s LOVE these – so precious – the kids think the 3rd one should be titled “Dude, why are you sleepin’!” what wonderful memories of these early days.

Lori These are absolutely priceless and precious! Erin, you captured them so well and I went through a full circle of emotions looking at each shot. The “snuggling one” just fills ones heart full of joy. Beautiful work and Congratulations to their Mama and Daddy on two handsome baby boys.

Helen Walsh Oh-My-Goodness! my little one is only 5 months old but this has made me very broody! Beautiful pics!

Kathie and Bob Regelsberger What adorable pictures but look at the subjects! Congratulations!

martha hernandez OMGosh Erin, too cute. I love the first one. I think he’s looking at you and wondering what’s the lady with the black box on her face doing. I love the one where he’s looking intently at his older brother as well. All of them, all adorable!

Elizabeth C. Those sweet babies are adorable, and I love how the younger one doesn’t want to sleep! Just beautiful.

Melissa Spencer Inspired by your Creative Mama blog, I’m here to post a comment about this entry, which I love. (well, I love them all and although I don’t ordinarily comment, I do check out your pages everyday!) These shots are too precious not to comment on–love the one of one brother checking on the other while he is all content being asleep. And the fourth shot down looks like it makes a heart with them snuggled together. Too cute. Will keep up on comments as I love your blog and photo pages! :)

Catherine Oh my heavens! That photo of the little one staring at the big one–is unbelievably cute! Spectacular session! A-dorable!

Tara I LOVE your work, Erin! Those snuggly photos made me do The Sigh many times… but I still think that first one is my fave! Love the personality. :)

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