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Yesterday I met the sleepiest little 8 1/2 pounder who was a dream for his photoshoot. I think he must be working extra hard at growing because nothing really roused him from his sleep coma. His champion sleeping along with his adorableness made my job super easy! I’m posting on the run today since we’re headed out of town for the 4th so forgive my lack of detail. Instead, I’ll let his preciousness do the talking!



Love the chunky blue hat they chose…


Check out the tangle of fingers and toes! Swoon.


This little guy seemed so big to me and when I tried to put his little hat on it reinforced my feeling. It barely fit! And I felt the death grip his mouth had on his paci when I tried to take it out so something tells me he’s not going to slow down his growing anytime soon!


Happy Birthday little man!

Grandma Maggie He is so completely adorable! I really like this website. Let’s me see my grandson even though he is a very long way away! I fell in love with him when he was in my arms and it just keeps getting better.

Thank you.

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