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A couple of months ago our family was visited by two of our favorite friends. This little guy and his mama…

And as I always try to do when they come to town, I grabbed a few shots of his cute mug.

And while, yes, it’s been a couple of months since they were taken, no, I most definitely did not forget about them. I mean, come on, he’s too cute to forget about! Agreed?

He lost that top tooth in an epic battle with a wall a few months back…

And it just ratchets up his cute factor an insane number of notches!

He gave me a good five minutes in the yard next to ours to grab what I needed.

But when he was done, he was DONE.

And then he flew the coop.

Man I love that kid.

Ellie A. OH HE BETTER STOP W/the SUPER CUTENESS! Oh melt my heart!!! He reminds me of my oldest at that age.. sigh( He’s 13 now) & would give me that teeth less grid for a milli sec & then run lol..

Jeri Browder Holy cow! I wanna hug that kid. So stinking cute!!

Ashley Salter Love him!!

Lorena Mora He’s gotten so big! He’s such a handsome little boy, I remember the first time you posted photos of him on your blog and his mama, your dear friend, I couldn’t stop looking at him he’s so handsome and his eyes are amazing. He’s gotten even better looking but definitely not a baby anymore.

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