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If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, surely you remember my little friend Ben. He’s been my most popular little subject (if the number of blog comments equals popularity) and I still get asked by clients and friends how he and his sweet mama are doing. Well the answer is a resounding: GREAT! Daphne and Ben spent some time with us last week which gave the mamas just enough time to catch up, feed children a bajillion times, and barter our services. Daphne is a pediatric physical therapist and got my hesitant little 16 month old to finally walk (hallelujah!). And I, of course, took baby Ben and my camera out for a spin. He makes my camera very, very happy.


When Daphne traveled to Ethiopia for Ben back in November she bought three traditional outfits for him to wear over the next few years. This is the first one that fits him…I was so excited to photograph him in it! Whether or not he was excited is debatable.


Besides being the smartest 18 month old I’ve ever met (hands-down) he’s also a lover. He gives the best puckered up little kisses and, as his mama warned me, gets offended if you turn and give him the cheek. I asked him for a kiss while I was photographing him and this is what I got…


And then I got this…


Okay, well maybe that wasn’t a kiss. Let’s just pretend he was blowing me one. In actuality I think he was actually shoving another raisin in his mouth. Whatever it is, I love it.

After changing into some more casual, Americanized attire we headed to a set of benches to play for a bit. More kisses/raisin-shoving ensued.


Followed by more cuteness…


A little bit of “uh-oh”…



And even some attitude…(for the record, this is “I want my mama” atittude. The child has a serious crush on his mama.)


But finally…big smiles.


 And then, we scurried off to find that mama.


(miss you already Ben and Daph!)

Daphne LOVE them, Erin!!!!!! I especially love the black and white picture. You can see reflected in his eyes!! You are an amazing photographer!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!

Daphne I meant you say that you can see you taking his picture reflected in his eyes. So precious!

Bianca He is just sooo adorable!! The camera definitely loves him. I also especially love the black and white one.

Buffy I sure wish I could learn to take pictures like you! You sure captured his little personality! The black and white one is gorgeous!

Becca OHHHH, he is just PRECIOUS!!

Ella Walker Hi, Erin! Love the colors and the depth-of-field on your photos. Could you please tell me which lens you use for outdoor shots? Thanks much. Keep up the great work!

erin Thanks you guys! Daphne, I’m so glad you love them. He’s an easy subject for sure!

Ella, these were taken with the 85mm/1.8 on my 5d. It’s a good combo for me outdoors and what I shoot about 95% of my outdoor sessions with.

Martha Beautiful pictures. I had my daughter on your website last night and she was in love with them all. I want an 85mm! Can you use a 50mm outside as well? Is the length the only difference in the two lens because they are both 1.8 – right?
Thanks again Erin for showing us some amazing photography! We’re so envious.

Becky LOVE that black and white shot…that is so precious!

TaraMc Beautiful boy and beautiful images. I love what you have captured here. Excellent work!

Jennifer He sure is a beautiful little boy! (And yes, sometimes beautiful is the only word that fits even if it’s a boy). He has the most luminous skin I’ve ever seen, and don’t even get me started on those eyes!! I’m glad they’re doing well.

Annie That black and white photo is gorgeous. To die for. My favorite of the grouping, hands down. Glad to see this little guy again!

Kristine Che What a gorgeous child. I love the ones in his Ethiopian outfit. Truly beautiful work!!! I wish I was you!

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