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(Sorry, I couldn’t resist the title)

They say good things come to those who wait.

They also say if you don’t see what you want, ask for it.

And then sometimes they say no shirt, no shoes, no service. But I don’t believe that particular “they say” fits in this situation.

The point is, after a couple years of waiting and a couple years of asking I’ve finally come up with a baby plan for my sweet clients who waited and asked. Unfortunately many of those clients who waited and asked don’t have babies anymore (sorry you guys!) but I’m guessing someone out there still does. Right? People do still have babies these days, don’t they?

Good. I thought so.

So without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to our new baby: The Erin Cobb Photography Baby Plan. It weights three hunded and fifty pounds. No, dollars. And it’s very, very sweet.

  If you have a baby, want a baby or just know a baby. This was designed with you in mind. So tell you hubby, share it with your friends and then get in touch. I can’t wait to snuggle your little one!

Marty I want to have a baby just so I can use that plan! JUST KIDDING! (I have a 19 year old – I can wait for the grandkids! :) ) That really is an awesome price for such an awesome photographer!!

Catherine Kraft Makes me WISH I lived closer to you or even within driving distance :) My youngest is 18 months but I hope to at least one more!

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