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I owe this blog an apology. But it’ll have to wait.

First I owe the mama of this little man an apology…

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He’ll be three months this month. THREE! I flew to Virginia to for a whirlwind 24 hours LAST YEAR for his newborn session.*   And guess how many pictures she’s seen from that day? Three. Counting the blog header. Luckily she’s one of my dearest friends so I know she’ll forgive me. But just to butter her up a little more I’m about to post a heap o’ pictures to tide her over until the letter carrier brings the real thing next week. So here we go.

*sidenote: how fun is it to say LAST YEAR?! It gives me the giggles every January. I’m easily amused.

huntsville family photographer

“All I Need is Love”…

huntsville newborn photographer


huntsville children's photographer

Look who snuck in!

huntsville child photographer

That little-lady-turned-big-sister happens to be one of the very first newborns I ever photographed. I can’t resist a little then and now comparison…


Still cute as ever!


Be still my mama heart.



The whole fam together…

huntsville baby photographer

And one more for the road.  Just to show he’s perfect all the way out to the tips of his fingers…

huntsville portrait photographer

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LizN Okay, I’m seriously crying with joy in my Mama Heart. I LOVE YOU, ERIN! Thank you so much for sharing your love and talent with us!

becca I don’t know why I never comment over here but I just HAD to on this one! What a little cutie and that shot of his little lips is just classic newborn~love it!

Jen Love the new stuff!!

Amy Leigh Oh I love these! The blue cocoon and that little hand shot. That is just precious!! I owe you an email btw. The internet monster ate my first email before I could send it a few weeks back. :)

Amy AHHHHHHH!!!!! I LOVE HIM! I LOVE that family! I LOVE your photos. So, so sweet. And just amazing–as usual. Oh, I wish I could meet him, but thanks for bringing me the next best thing. :-) Love the family photo on the bed. And Mama and baby–they all just melt my heart!

Kelly Summers So cute, what a perfect baby!

Aunt Lu OMG! That is one beautiful baby!!!!

Samantha This makes me outrageously sad that I haven’t held that baby, and outrageously jealous that I don’t have these pictures of my own babes!!!! Gorgeous baby, gorgeous pictures!!!!!

Love you F-Bs!!!!!!

Gina BEAUTIFUL! I have been waiting for these pictures. I also love the family picture, priceless and I am always a sucker for the sibling shot. Love the little guy and the family, wishing I could hold him in person.

Jeri I’m so happy to see that “October baby” has arrived safely and his big sister is lovin on him. Huge congrats on the new little edition to your family, Liz! Beautiful family! Great images, Erin!

Jodi Wow! It makes me so happy to see the F-B’s and even better through Erin’s lens. I want to hold Baby T too!

Love the proud big sister shot and second everyone’s envy of the family shot!

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