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After a full day of beautiful Dayton weather on Saturday I arrived at my Sunday session to see storm clouds rolling in. Within 20 minutes of shooting it was pouring. Lucky for us the wet weather cleared out the park and after waiting for the storm to stop we had the place to ourselves. Perfect!

I try really hard to gauge the personalities of my littlest clients when we first meet. Some kiddos respond well to my loud and obnoxious side while others prefer me to be a bit more subtle. (For the record, so does my husband.) I like to think that I’m usually pretty good at figuring out who’s who and bringing the appropriate attitude to the table. I think I might have come on a bit too strong with the oldest brother in this duo though. For the first five minutes I don’t think he was quite sure about this whole “Miss Erin” thing. By the time this shot was taken though, we were besties…

And then it was on to wooing his adorable little brother…

Can you see the streetlamps in this next shot? Yep, we closed the place down.

I’d say a little bit of rain was worth it to hang out with this fabulous family for the afternoon!

Samantha I’ve been stalking the blog today and so I think I got to these before you even had a chance to email. LOL:)

Love them… that is so Ben, and Max does that arms behind the head thing all the time. So great Erin! Can’t wait to see the rest.

It was a great time hanging out with you in the rain:)

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