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How about two red-headed boy posts in a row? Can you handle the cuteness?! 

This little man and I have been friends for a couple of years now. He’s always a delight. This time might have taken the cake though since he asked me to go with him to the train store when we were finished with our session. Be still my heart!


I might have taken him up on it if I thought my own (almost) three year old boy would have been okay with it. But alas, I’m sure he would not have been. His jealous bone runs deep. There’s some sort of unwritten commandment among the mamas of little boys that goes something like this: thou shalt not visit the train store without your own little boy in tow.

So I had to pass.

His adoring parents made sure he was well-rewarded for his photo session goodness though.

(And if you look up the word “adored” in a pictorial dictionary, that shot is undoubtedly what you will find.) 

Right next to this one.


Sam I do love redheads… I feel it is immensely unfair, having red hair myself, that neither of my boys do. Then my sister, who has not a red hair on her head, had two redheads… unfair I say!

Great pics of this redhead:)

ellen patton Redheads are awesome. :)

Catherine Love the redhead pictures!! Well, I actually LOVE all your pictures, but the redhead ones are particularly cute!!

Brad Beautiful family! I’m like everyone else here. Nothing colors a picture like redheads! Terrific job!!!

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