a tribute.

I’ve been carrying this story in my heart, on my sleeve since I first heard the news on Monday. Natalie Ward and her unborn daughter Isabell (due in May) lost their lives suddenly on Saturday – her husband’s birthday – to pregnancy related complications. Natalie was one of my early clients in Huntsville and I had the privilege of photographing her family several times over the last three years.

Starting with the birth of her son Ivan in 2009.

Ivan will turn three this summer and should be celebrating with his mother, his father and his brand new baby sister. I am absolutely heart broken that he won’t be.

Please pray for Natalie’s dear family as they grieve the bitter loss of mother and child. And if you feel so inclined, please consider donating to the college fund that has been set up for sweet Ivan. Because the fund is not (to my knowledge) set up for online donations I will be happy to collect, match (through Thursday evening*), and contribute any gift you have to offer. Simply send your donation via Paypal to erin at erincobb dot com with a note letting me know your donation is for Ivan’s fund.

As my dear neighbor Donna, who has lost a child of her own, says so often to me: hug your babies.

* As of Thursday evening at 10:00 cst $330 was donated to my Paypal account for Ivan’s fund. I will match that donation for a total of $660 and will add any other donations through the weekend to that total. Deposit will be made into the account set up for Ivan on Monday. Thank you all so much for your caring and generosity.

gayle Shrader My thoughts and prayers are with this dear family. So sad.

Elizabeth C. How devastating for that family. Will be praying for them.

I went over to her website and read some recent posts. On Friday last week, her husband responded to her post about his birthday present by saying, “My best gift is you guys.” Such a terrible loss.

Susan Oh how terribly sad.

Carol What a sad story – may they rest in peace together

Anna Claire I’m so sorry to hear. What a lovely family. No words, just prayer.

Ashley H My heart breaks just reading this. I can only imagine how people who knew them feel. Will be praying and contributing. Another reason I LOVE hugging my babies and taking lots of pics! I am sure they are very thankful for the wonderful pictures you took.

Staci So sorry to hear this. My thoughts and prayers are with their family and with you during this difficult time.

Amy How tragic and sad. My heart goes out to their family and friends.

Deirdre My heart goes out to Ivan and his dad. Thank you for offering the paypal option to contribute in someway.

Someday, those photos you took of Natalie with her son will be his most priceless possession. I’m so very glad Natalie gave him that, as well as her own words on her blog, obviously never with the intent that he would have to know her that way.

Courtney Praying for this family. May the peace that only God can give be with them.

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