a bajillion + 1 | huntsville family photographer

My sister-in-law has a PhD in math. Which means she’s probably cringing at my very unmathy estimate of the number of images I’m about to share from her session. I hope she’ll forgive me. But there are a lot. A bajillion may not be an actual number but I do think it’s a pretty apt description of the crazy picture love I’m about to drop right here on the blog. I don’t think I’ve ever shared this much of a session before. For those of you who have asked to see a sample session from me, this is about as close as you’re going to get.

Oh, and I love them.


Ivy Presho Soooo darling! I don’t think this is too many pictures at all… I mean, how could you resist? :)


Amy Love them! What a great looking family–I can’t believe how big those kiddos are doing. Great to see them here! :-)

P.C. Wow what a treat! I was actually thinking this post has the “cardinality of the continuum!”…that’s my geeky “go-to big-number :)
Thanks again for one WONDERFUL picture after another. We had a blast spending time with you and capturing these dear sweet moments! Love you lots!

donya Wow, that is a lot! Beautiful pictures, Erin. What a sweet family!

Deb Erin, You are awesome and your photography is so inspiring!

Lorena Mora So beautiful and such a happy family.

Bianca Such fun family portraits. Your SIL is gorgeous!! The light in these is really quite beautiful. Fantastic job, as usual Erin!

Lorraine M. Thank you for sharing these. So beautiful!

Melissa M My goodness, how are they ever going to choose just a few?!

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