The Birth of Jude | Huntsville birth photography

Early in Heather’s pregnancy we discussed the possibility of me tagging along to photograph the birth of her baby boy. Having only been at three births in my life (my own plus my two children), I was so excited about being witness to such an amazing and beautiful moment.

Heather had an easy birth with her four year old, Jagger, and we all expected the same would be true when Jude was born. But as her belly grew larger and larger we just kept noticing how awkward the whole thing looked. Her belly was never round and smooth. It was more, well – triangular, to be honest! Heather had a hunch that Jude had positioned himself in the womb in a peculiar fashion. And sure enough she found out weeks before his birth that he was transverse. His little head was nestled happily under her rib and his little bum formed another corner of the triangle right in the middle of her belly. Heather’s sweet doctor attempted to turn the baby but, true to Richardson form, the boy has a mind of his own! 😉

So on February 1st we loaded up and headed to Huntsville Hospital for Heather’s c-section. It was certainly a different story than we expected but every single second of it was beautiful. I’ll never forget hearing Jude’s first cry and the nurse’s jubilant pronouncement of “7 pounds, 4 ounces!” as I stood outside the operating room (I handed my camera off to Heather’s husband Brian). I’m choked up just thinking about it.

Heather has graciously given me permission to share Jude’s birth slideshow with you guys. As you watch it you’ll see Heather and Brian waiting with all of their family, then the moment when they were suddenly called in, followed by more waiting, Jude’s arrival, and finally how loved he is by his entire family – big brother most notably.

Enjoy friends. And congratulations Heather. You sure made a good one.

chesley gorgeous! every time i see a “birth blog” i cry :)!! they will cherish these forever!!

Gayle Shrader Absolutely beautiful!! Congratulations Heather and family! How magical for you all! My favorite part was big brother sharing (or showing) his car to his new baby brother!
Makes me want to have another baby just to have you come and document the whole event! Beatuiful family memories!!!
welcome baby boy Jude

misty selak so beautifully captured. congratulations!

Kristin You did such an awesome job Erin – such beautiful images.
Welcome to the world Jude and congrats Heather and Brian

jennifer Camplin Erin.. you captured such beautiful of the family and all!!

congrats to the family!!

kristin *crying*
I need to have another baby… in Huntsville.
Such a beautiful video and experience!!!!

P.C. Congratulations Heather and Brian and Jagger. So beautiful! –Cobb Family

megan really, really beautiful. just what i needed to see today. you captured it all so perfectly, and that is one gorgeous baby boy!

Melanie What a beautiful baby! Congratulations Heather & Brian!

Anna Claire Teary-eyed over here! I’m so so happy for Heather and Brian and Jagger. What amazing photos and such a beautiful baby boy! Congratulations all around :)

Stacey Reese Wow! Incredible job documenting such a beautiful day, Erin! I got chills over and over again! And, tears!

Natasha Congrats Heather!!! Baby Jude is beautiful! Erin you did it again…excellent job!

Carrie Fabulous! Loved it! What a treasure to have such beautiful picutres of such a beautiful day.

Erin, I think your next calling is to branch out into birth photography…

Heather I don’t even know this family and these made me teary. How I would have loved to capture the birth of my three children this way. What a gift – such a superb job!

lyndsay You did a beautiful job erin! come join and we can get you a few more 😉

Congrats Heather!

Danielle This is wonderful! Great job!

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