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porch swing girls | huntsville children’s photographer

I’ll tell you, it’s been torturous watching all the bits and pieces at the Cottage come together and not being able to get out there and SHOOT! But Saturday morning I finally had my chance…and the perfect subjects to boot! These three sisters have it all – style, personality, and a little Southern charm. They […]

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back to work | huntsville family portraits

Technically this session was my first day of work after a two week vacation. But can it really count as “work” when the family portraits looks like this??? I think not! And not only did they have three of the cutest brothers on the planet, they have a six month old charmer on their hands. […]

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the Blographer Event, NYC | huntsville children’s portraits

Pinch me but I think that might be my picture smooshed right between the likes of… Lotus Carroll Vivienne Gucwa Amanda Bottoms Amanda Padgett and Rachel Devine. It’s true. I’m heading to New York for a day of photographic fabulousness with these amazing women and, hopefully…YOU! Adorama is hosting this event which will be the […]

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