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My why.

I was recently at a professional development conference and sat in on a discussion that challenged the small business owners in the room to examine their “why”. As in, “why do you exist as a small business?”. What a question!

And seeing how I’m in the business of portrait photography, my answer is best summed up in an image (or two)…

These images represent a decade of watching these spunky girls grow into kind, thoughtful, beautiful young women. I can still remember that 2008 portrait session like it was yesterday. They told me all about their teachers, their activities and their family. They beamed when they spoke of their Dad (who I recall was away on business).

Sadly, they unexpectedly lost their father shortly after this first set of images was taken. It was a journey I never would has wished for them, but I had the privilege of continuing to watch them blossom into amazing young women. I have so many interim images I could share that showcase just how wonderful these two girls are, but I just can’t resist these recreated side-by-sides.

This year, the oldest will graduate from high school. What a joy and a blessing to photograph her senior portraits at her home…the same place her kind heart first came into my life!

My business “why” goes so far beyond camera skills and portrait sales. Erin Cobb Photography exists to connect with families just like this one…families just like yours.

Families who love their kids, cherish their time together, and want to preserve lasting memories.

I feel honored each and every time I am invited into the life of a family. And my reward is in the relationships like this one.


things I wish I’d known.

I sat down at my desk today to work on my monthly marketing plan and, I confess, I got sidetracked. Because sitting on my desk, in a pile of saved things Ginger found laying around the Cottage in her recent clean out was a disc labeled “Cobb family videos”.

Be still my heart.

It made me think about the things I wish I could reach into that video and whisper to the young mother I saw chasing after toddlers. Since so many of my clients are young parents themselves, I figured I’d do the next best thing…I’ll tell you all.

So…here are the things I wish I’d known ten years ago when I had little ones underfoot every.single.minute…

  1. Yes, it’s as hard as you think it is. No, you shouldn’t feel guilty about being exhausted. Yes, it will get better.
  2. Have hope! There is something coming that is better than anything you could ever imagine and it’s called…(drumroll please)…parenting from the couch! One day your life will consist of evenings that find you laying on the couch, snuggled up with a book when you casually look up, see that your children are still in the room and you say these magic words…”hey, go to bed.” And with parents of tweens and teens as my honest to God witnesses, they do.
  3. Your stomach looks fine. Seriously. You look pretty cute in that bathing suit. (My mother has always told me to appreciate my body and to consider it from the perspective of ten years from now and, friends, she’s right.)
  4. Appreciate the cheeks. No, not yours, although those are great too…theirs. They are sweet and soft and snuggly and are one of the first things childhood will start to steal from your toddlers. And tweendom swallows them completely.
  5. They really are happy kids. Sure, right now you think they are miserable human beings…potentially even emotionally damaged. But one day you will look at your husband and laugh about the time you stated, with tears in your eyes, “I just don’t think she’s a happy person.” Because she’s now the happiest girl you know.
  6. The babysitter is always worth the money. If you have to choose between cute shoes, daily lattes or a babysitter…always go with the babysitter. Time away from the kids with your friends or spouse is worth the splurge.
  7. It’s okay to blink. I know every older grandmother in the grocery store tells you not to but, truly, you can blink. There are some moments you may just want to fast forward through. So if blinking helps, do it. It’s okay to wish away a few of the less desirable phases. (I’m looking at you, potty-training parents.) Besides, you can relax in the knowledge that your photographer is recording all the most beautiful parts for you anyway. 😉





Rachel Forever thankful y’all went with the babysitter! ❤️

erin cobb You and me both!

ten years.

This year marks ten years in business for Erin Cobb Photography and I am unbelievably proud of that. Owning a small business isn’t easy and I’m fully aware of the way statistics are stacked against new businesses. Not to mention how challenging a photography business can be in a saturated market. When I look back over these ten years in business in Huntsville, there are two things I can attribute this success to.

First, you. My clients are the heart and soul of my work. Whether you are a new client or have been with me for a decade, I treasure our time together and I absolutely delight in your children. At this point in my career I estimate I have photographed close to a thousand families and I can tell you something about just about all of them. You all are one of the highlights of my life.

The second place I lay credit for the success of Erin Cobb Photography is at the feet of PPA (Professional Photographers of America). I joined their ranks immediately upon opening my business and have worked hard to take full advantage of their continuing education opportunities. That hard work paid off a few years ago when I earned my Certified Professional Photographer designation and again last week when I was awarded my Master Photographer degree.

Without boring you with the details, suffice it to say that the journey toward these achievements has been long and arduous but so, so worth it. “Change or die” is an often quoted phrase but in business I think “Grow or die” is more appropriate. I am immensely proud of the letters after my name, but I’m even more proud of the memories I help my clients – you! – preserve for generations.

Here’s to ten more years,


Erin Cobb

M. Photog, CPP

Hillary Dunham So very proud of all your hard work and accomplishments, Erin! There is something special about a great person who is fantastic at their job; it’s the secret sauce! You are such a joy to be around and I’m happy to be in the ranks of those thousand families! :) You see the best in people- behind the camera and without one- and THAT is why you shine. Congrats on official letters to show what we already know- YOU are a rockstar!

erin cobb Oh friend, you have just MADE MY DAY!

the big things.

Lovey minisession week is always one of my favorite weeks at the Cottage. My reason is two fold.

First, I’m a lovey kid and I’m not afraid to admit it. In fact, that’s my blankey in this image.

But more importantly, I’m a big believer in the power of the little things and how they turn into the big things over time. Your little one curled up on the sofa with her wubby clenched tightly in her fist may seem like just a part of your daily normal today.

But tomorrow? You’ll be that grandmother in the grocery store stopping every woman she sees with a child in her arms imploring her to soak it all in. (Don’t worry…I fully expect that I’ll be her right along with you.)

The little things become the big things.

And you know what the other half of that coin is?

I’m convinced that the things that feel like big things right now will fade into the background over time until they become the little things.

Scheduling appointments and school shopping and teething and childcare and job decisions and that meeting you might miss to schedule a lovey session instead…all those things will fade to little things as we age.

But the big things will remain. And the memory of your little one and her chubby little fist will loom large.

I’m convinced.


February 12-16: Whether the lovey in your home is a blankie, a binky, a bulldog or a beagle these sessions are the perfect way to preserve your little one’s devotion for years to come.

As always, our 20 minute minisessions have a reduced session fee of $100, yield 10-20 finished images for review and purchase, and give you access to our special minisession pricing. Our sessions never require a minimum order but, be prepared…you’re going to love them and want them all!

Call, text or email Erin today to reserve your spot before they’re gone! 256-656-1500 / erin@erincobb.com






Jen Grant Yay I LOVE your blog and have missed your writing sooo much! Glad you are back!

erin cobb Thank you, my sweet friend!